Relocation management

Our scope of performance


  •     More than 30 years of experience in relocation management (automotive, white goods)
  •     Relocation of individual tools, tool packages, production plants
  •     Ad-hoc relocation
  •     Duplication of entire production processes (multiple expansion of capacity)
  •     Infrastructure available
  •     Production spaces
  •     Organisational requirements (project management, etc.)
  •     Competence in industrialization (tool manufacture)
  •     Quality management
  •     Ensuring the supply of parts for series production in case of relocation 
  •     Integration of new technologies 
  •     Take-over for the remaining term of a product

Requirements of relocation

  •     Reliable feasibility study of the process on site
  •     Fast adaptation of the tools to the HS machine park
  •     Peak coverage by a strong network of local tool manufacturers
  •     Efficient industrialization
  •     Trouble-free initial sampling
  •     Tool optimization to ensure unobstructed production



Our resources

  •     18 experienced toolmakers (we are a certified apprenticing firm)
  •     3-shift operation
  •     1.600 sqm factory space
  •     Entire machine park
  •     Quality assurance (3D measuring machines)
  •     Project management



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